Blood Bank

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Our mission is to provide a humane source of blood products, clean and free of diseases, to companion animals. We also provide our clients the education and information needed on companion animal donation.

Donor Information
Our donor base is exclusively volunteer. All of our blood products are manufactured according to the highest level of veterinary standards. As with human blood donation, every effort is made to ensure that the blood supply is clean and free of disease.

At Willingboro Veterinary Clinic Blood Bank donors undergo a complete medical work up including a wellness examination, blood typing, blood chemistry tests, and infectious disease screening.

All of our donors are pets that live with their families. Our donors visit us once every 2-3 months and receive numerous health benefits, as well as, lots of treats and loving care.

Answers about Donation
  • Immediately after your pet donates blood, the body starts to replace the blood that is lost.
  • Donation is safe.
  • A single donation can be used to save up to 4 lives, because the blood can be separated into different components.
  • The donation process takes approximately 20-30 minutes.
  • We require that our donors are young, healthy and disease free.
  • Dogs must be over 50lbs and between the age of 1 year and 7 years, and must be maintained on monthly heartworm prevention.
  • Cats must be neutered, and over 8 pounds and between the ages of 1 year and 7 years. Donors can not be on any medication and must be strictly indoor cats.
  • Dog and cats must be appropriately vaccinated.
  • Donors must be brought to our facility to donate.
  • A commitment to donate 4-5 times over the course of of 1 year is needed.
Donor Benefits
  • Wellness examination prior to donation
  • Blood testing, including: Chemscreen, complete blood count, and infectious disease blood screening.
  • For dogs, Heartworm, Lyme, Ehrlichia, testing.
  • For cats, FIV, Feleuk, FIP and Toxoplasmosis testing.
  • Free transfusion therapy if your pet ever needs it. (1st unit is free per each donation.)
  • Lots of attention, love, and treats from our staff!

Your pet can help save a life!
Each unit of blood your pet donates can save up to four lives!

Blood can be used to treat many illnesses. Some of the illnesses are, Anemia, Clotting disorders, Hemophilia, von Willebrand's, FIV, Pancreatitis, Panleukopenia, Parvovirus, and Renal insufficiency. It can also be used to treat surgery and trauma patients.