Chiropractic Care

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Canine Chiropractic Care

Is Your Pet Not Feeling 100%?
If Not, Maybe Chiropractic Can Help.

Animal "Chiropractic" is as old as Human "Chiropractic" and dates back to the early 1900s.

Manual manipulation of the spine of the human and the animal is documented even earlier in ancient Chinese illustrations.

Performing Chiropractic adjustments on animals, such as horses and dogs, has been done quietly by caring Chiropractors for over 100 years and has in recent years become a separate entity unto itself.

Things that may indicate that your dog needs chiropractic care:
  • Acute and Non-Acute lameness
  • Progressive Lameness
  • Hip Dysplasia Syndromes
  • IV Disc Disease
  • Progressive Myelopathies (weak in the rear)
  • Urinary and Fecal Incontinence
  • Unilateral Lameness
  • Wobbler's Disease
  • Increased or Decreased GI Function
  • Performance Problems
  • Unexplained Aggression/Depression
  • Difficulty Sitting or Standing
  • Sitting off to One Side
  • Unable to Get Up on Furniture
  • Difficulty with Stairs
  • Decreased Activity Level

What causes a dog to develop these conditions?
Physical, chemical and emotional stresses all play key roles in your dog's health. Too much stress or too little activity can have adverse effects on your pet's health. Inactivity leads to weak muscles surrounding the spine, thereby making your dog more prone to subluxations. Subluxations are minor irritations within the spine that affect the nervous system, thereby facilitating the disease process. Excessive and robust activity as well as poor diet or emotionally stressful environments can also have negative effects on your pet's health. Some of the many things that can cause subluxations are:

  • Going down and leaping from stairs, dog walks and other high places
  • Choke chains and chaining your dog up
  • Performance events such as agility, herding, coursing, or rough play at home
  • Poor diet
  • Lack of exercise
  • Any physical injury

Dr. Derman offers a caring, comprehensive approach, working with your veterinarian and using Chiropractic protocols to identify and alleviate these problems. We are here to help you provide your dog with the best care possible within our scope of practice.

Ray E. Derman D.C., C.V.C.P.
Dr. Ray Derman is a national board certified chiropractor, who works in close cooperation with your veterinarian to provide chiropractic care for your dog. He is also certified in Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation and utilizes this technique as well as traditional chiropractic adjusting techniques. Dr. Derman also incorporates Myofascial release which is accomplished using a unique instrument known as a Vetrostim. Myofascial trigger point therapy and passive stretching are also incorporated when the need arises. By utilizing all of these techniques Dr. Derman is able to treat the entire spine of the dog and the surrounding musculature, not just a segment of the spine. This allows for a thorough reduction of the subluxation complex, thereby opening the normal flow of neuronal transmissions along the spine as well as to the connection muscles and organs.


Whenever considering Canine Chiropractic Care for your pet, it is important that you first discuss the appropriateness of this type of care with your Veterinarian.

If your Veterinarian examines your pet and feels Chiropractic Care is appropriate, then Dr. Derman is available to assist in a healing solution.